Friday, September 12, 2008

Come Original

Posted by Sarah

Better mood today, for the most part. Thank you all for your kind, uplifting comments and emails, and phone calls. I am so lucky to have such friends.

I still need to get active. I still need to modify my nutrition. All in all, that's pretty easy. I just need to make the change. :) As for the rest of my mental issues, well, I just need a little more soul searching to figure that out. I'll get there too. Overall view: very optimistic

I am so excited that it is Friday! I'm ready for a fantastic weekend with my husband. Friday nights are my favorite because it's like the precipice of the weekend and we just goof around and enjoy it knowing we still have plenty of non-work time to go! I think tonight if it is not pouring rain we are going to go to a Missouri State girl's soccer match. I like watching soccer. I don't really understand the game all that well, it takes me several minutes to remember everything, but I like watching the strategy of the plays. Tomorrow night, if it is not pouring rain (which is very unlikely) we are going to an SBU football game. I really want to do that, but I doubt we'll get to go. I like football but not enough to sit in those bleachers soaked to the bone. I also hope to get a run in tomorrow. It won't be with my training group because I can't run that long of distance right now, but I would like to get a few miles under my belt.

Also, I feel like taking pictures. Don't be surprised if you see some kooky crazy shots. :)

TODAY I LOVE: my canon powershot and fabulously fun flirty ballet shoes

SONG OF THE DAY: "Come Original" by 311

CURRENTLY READING: "Burning" by Ellen Hopkins