Sunday, September 14, 2008


Posted by Sarah

I feel fantastic. I know, I know, it's Sunday and I'm always revved up on Sunday, but today is extraordinarily better. Why, might you ask? Attitude adjustment and the beginning of a new week.

I have cleaned out my house of bad food. I've planned (to the nth degree) my food and meals for this week. I've already done the shopping and have it all ready. You know me, I work very well with schedules. Happy times. I'm in control.

Another thing...I'm getting back in the gym this week. YES!!! The old groin injury has had some remarkable progress the last few days and I'm going to hit the track tomorrow morning. I'll stick to the track for a while, as it is a controlled environment, and then go from there. I'll probably be on the bike for a while this week too. Endorphins, come my way baby! I'm not going to post a training schedule because I have no idea what this week will bring me.

Oh, guess what?! I got home from work on Friday to a message on my answering machine from the cardiologist's office. My appointment is on THIS Tuesday! My doctor's office told me wrong. She said October 16 but the appointment is really September 16! Wowza! I'm kinda glad I'll be getting it over with. Maybe she'll tell me I can stop wearing this heart monitor. I hope so.

Well...I promised you all some silly pictures. I'm still in the photo taking mood. I'm not very good at it, but it sure is fun. Here is some Sarah-randomness:

Ry and I playing with the new camera. We always have to take a "first picture". Isn't he cute?

little George Carlos. Please disregard my cat pajamas in the picture. :)

my sweet Callie cat. She's my baby girl. So precious.

Ry and I at the MSU vs KU girl's soccer match on Friday night. Ok, Ry looks cute and I look like I'm on drugs. C'est la vie. Anyway, go Jayhawks!

My running shoes missed me, so I wore them to the soccer match. Heaven on my feet.

Well, it's time to one of the things that I do best- go make some pizza dough and let it rise. As a last hurrah before healthiness I promised Ry some homemade pizza. I'm a mean dough maker. :) Mamma taught me well! Have a great Sunday, everyone! Let's start this week off with a bang!

Praying for all of you caught in the wake of Ike. Please know that you're not alone.

TODAY I LOVE: homemade pizza and Sundays

SONG OF THE DAY: "Solution" by Hillsong United

CURRENTLY READING: "Burned" by Ellen Hopkins


Betsy said...

I want you to teach me about that dough! Sounds fun!