Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Posted by Sarah

Just got back from the cardiologist. Interesting experience. It appears that Dr. Cherla wants to wait to give her final diagnosis until after she receives the total report from my event monitor, so I still have to finish wearing it for the next 11 days. I will admit, I'm a little disappointed in the outcome, after all, why not wait to have this appointment until all my tests are finished rather than waste time? Oh well. Anyway, she has a hunch that I have a vasovagal syncope, triggered by heat and dehydration. From what I've read, the syncope is very common in people and is kind of a catch-all for fainting. There is really nothing I can do it make it better other than to recognize my triggers and try not to hurt myself when I pass out. Try to drink a lot of water, eat more salt, not get too hot, don't take long hot showers, and take care of yourself physically- all of which I do, and have been doing. I don't mean to be disappointed because I'm glad it appears I don't have anything major going on besides an abnormal rhythm. However, I would like answers and a fix other than "keep on doing what you're doing even though it doesn't work." It was also evident that Dr. Cherla wasn't prepared for my appointment, not realizing she had the results to my event monitor so far, nor realizing or obtaining the results to my stress echo last week. She hadn't reviewed any of them before I got there. I go meet with her again in 3 months. Maybe I'll have some answers then. Ry is trying to keep me positive, at least it isn't anything major. I am very glad of that. I just want to not be dizzy and not pass out anymore.

In the meantime, I'm still wearing this stupid heart monitor. Boo.

Ry and I thought it would be good for me not to run/workout today so that I could rest up from yesterday. I'll be ready to go again for tomorrow morning. :) I felt so fabulous after getting out there and being active again. It's so nice.

I'm getting my hair colored tonight. I've decided I want some heavy drastic blonde highlights. It's time for a change. I'll take a picture and show you all the results.

TODAY I LOVE: beautiful cool weather and the knowledge of doctors

SONG OF THE DAY: "The Heart of the Matter" by India.Arie


Willie said...

Oh Lord you poor thing, "no long, hot showers". I'd die! I need those for relaxation. If I passed out I guess that would be even better!

Just kidding, glad you appointment went well (sort of). Your doctor should be more attentive. It's your heart for goodness sakes! Let's try to take that serious doc?!? But I have a dislike for most doctors so I'm biased.

Going blond? I have lots of jokes that I will keep to myself since I am a blond and have heard them my whole life.

Evan's Mom said...

It was GREAT talking to you yesterday! You're such a sweetie to call. :-) I'm always talking about you to my SAHM friends. We're trying to jog, and I always refer to "Sarah, my marathon-running friend."

I hope your pulled muscle continues to heal and that you can wear your heart monitor the next 8-9 days without anymore discomfort.

Love ya honey. Have a great weekend!~!

JenZen said...

Hey girl!!! That has to be sooo frustrating for you. I know you just want a final answer and want it fixed - NOW! I'm so glad at least that it's not anything major. Sending my thoughts, prayers and good wishes all your way!!!!!!!

Ohhh...blonde highlights? You're coming over to the dark side (the blonde side). Heee... They'll look fab on you with your coloring!!


anastasia said...

if it makes you feel better (and it may be a bit of an inconvenience), bring an extra bottle of water with you for your runs when you start up again in case you need to dump water on your head to cool off....or run through the sprinklers if someone is "running" them.

i hope everything gets better for you.