Sunday, September 07, 2008

Walk The World

Posted by Sarah

I think it is about time I started running again. Before some of you out there start to freak out- I'm going to get the ok from my doctor first. If he says no, I will not run. I promise. If I get the blessing from my doctor I'm going to try running a few miles this week. Yes, I still feel the twinge in my muscles every now and again, but it's not completely debilitating like it was before. I ran on a practically vertical treadmill for my stress test just fine! On Wednesday it will be 3-weeks since my injury. It is 7-weeks until the Kansas City half marathon. I don't really have any worries that I won't be able to complete it, but it is only 11-weeks until my San Antonio Marathon. That is really fast and I need to get back outside and get those miles in. The weather has been perfect this past weekend and it makes my head hurt to think of the runs I'm missing in this cool cloudy weather. But again, I reiterate, I will get permission from the doctor. Don't start calling me on the phone freaking out...I'll be good. :)

Great church service today, as usual. Should you have any interest, get out there on iTunes and subscribe to the free podcast of our service. Ben is amazing. We can't show any of the music because of copyright and all those rules, but I'm sure you will all be blessed by Ben's sermons as I am. Ry and I also tried a new Sunday school class today. It was an awesome lesson, however, we are the youngest couple in the class by several years. We are going to pray about where to go from here- do we stay and benefit from the lessons or do we try to find a class of people more our own age?

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers. It means so much to me. You truly have no idea.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday, my dear friends. I need to go finish the laundry and straighten up this house before we start the week! Hello Sunday football!

TODAY I LOVE: relaxing in a quite clean house and 2ndEleven podcasts

SONG OF THE DAY: "Walk the World" by Charlie Hall

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