Monday, September 22, 2008

You Are The Best Thing

Posted by Sarah

Hmph. I had every intention of getting up and running this morning. As you can see from my missing header line, that didn't happen. Evidently I hit the "off" button on my alarm clock instead of the "snooze." This is a hazard of owning my prized iHome; the buttons are right next to each other. I think it is a design flaw. :) Ah well, I guess the best laid plans are meant to be broken. Guess I'll have to rearrange the schedule. There is always tomorrow...

Tonight I am hanging with my momma here in Springfield. She is up here for a week for some sort of training and tonight we are going to walk around the mall and go out to dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

I have something to brag about today that I failed to mention yesterday- my dear friend Johnna completed her FIRST 5K on Saturday!!! I cannot put into words just how much I am proud of her. She had her son Evan about 5 months ago, moved to Tulsa, and has since found a group of other Tulsa stay-at-home mom's and they all completed this breast cancer 5K together. Johnna is so precious to me and so giving, and I'm just thrilled that she has gotten to do this for herself. CONGRATS JOHNNA ON YOUR HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!! I love you, girl!

TODAY I LOVE: getting to see my mom tonight and hearing the excitement in a best friend's voice when they finish a race

SONG OF THE DAY: "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne


Betsy said...

Ooops! You could glue something to the top of one of the buttons to help you distinguish the difference. To avoid snoozing, I have heard a tack recommended. ;)

Talk to you soon!

Evan's Mom said...

Awe! Sarah you're too sweet! Thanks for the props. I'm thrilled I survived it. LOL. We're signing up for the Tulsa run in October. We're going to try and improve our time (since it probably couldn't get much slower).

Love you sweetie~! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!!

Willie said...

Glad you're getting some time with Mom.

You are still my hero of being joyful. You were able to tell that story without using any 4-letter words to describe your alarm! Not sure I could have done that.