Monday, October 13, 2008


Posted by Sarah

Fellow Seinfeld fans will get the title for today. :)

First of all, I had the best weekend that I have ever had in a long time. Ry and I spent nearly all the time with friends and it was wonderful. I won't bore you with all the details, I just want to say that we are so, so blessed with fantastic people. I never ever would have thought I could be so lucky to be loved by so many great people. God never ceases to amaze me.

Today, on the other hand, has been a day of turmoils. I am off work today for Columbus Day. Yay! It's a good thing because we were hardly home at all this weekend so I can catch up on home stuff today. Ry wanted to desperately stay home, but he was a responsible adult and went to work. His car died on the way there so we had to put it in the shop. Diagnosis...a bad sensor. The replacement sensor ($300 worth of sensor) won't be in until Wednesday. Ouch! The old me would be so strung out about this, but I know I just need to pray that God will provide transportation for Ry to work until we get the car fixed, and also the fact that we have the funds to take care of the repairs. It's all going to be ok it is just an incredibly inconvenient hassle. Then to add the cherry on top, I went to the dentist for the first time in....too many years to count. Let me explain.

My dentist in my home town was amazing. Dr. Neil and Fran were the nicest people you could ever meet and I never had an ounce of pain or apprehension in his chair. I knew when I walked in the door I would be greeted by Ms. Peggy and she would make me laugh and then Fran would relax me with her sweet ways and Dr. Neil would take care of the work. They were all like a warm fuzzy blanket. So awesome. Then I went to the wicked witch of Springfield for an oral surgeon and she just shot all of that out of the water. I haven't been to a dentist since then. Well, one of my teeth looks funny so by necessity I made an appointment with a dentist here in Springfield who is on my insurance. I just got home. Ugh. I have 3 cavities. Two of them are kinda deep so he'll have to do an inclusion? I guess it is like a crown. UGH. He said I have really great teeth and can tell I've taken care of them, just these cavities have spread pretty deep. He is not ruling out the possibility of a root canal on one of them. Anyway, I'm getting my teeth cleaned on Wednesday and then he will look again and get a treatment plan going. I'm nervous. They don't put you to sleep for that stuff and I might feel it! I have to see exactly what my insurance covers for those types of things. Yet more money to spend. *Sigh.*

I suppose I should get another load of laundry going and then head to the grocery store for the weekly run.

Speaking of running...only 5 days until the half.


Lastly, on a serious note, many prayers going out to the family of Andy Brown. I went to church with Andy and he passed away yesterday morning from cancer. I'm not sure exactly, but he was only 25 years old? So, so sad. My heart hurts.

TODAY I LOVE: the fact that I do have insurance


Melissa said...

Don't you just love 3 day weekends?? I do!! It sounds like you guys had a great one!!

I'll be praying for your friend. How sad, only 25.

anastasia said...

i hope everything goes well at the dentist tomorrow and that the cavities aren't too serious. i don't think most people enjoy/like going to a dentist.

i did a half marathon over the weekend, also. i'm doing another one in two months.