Friday, October 10, 2008

Sky Is Falling

Posted by Sarah

Sure does seem like it, huh? I'm not going to ask the loaded question of what else can go wrong, but there is enough gloom and doom in the world to sink a ship. I've determined that we all need to have a little faith. More on that later. :)

I haven't posted much this week because I've been training someone, so I've had a shadow for the last few days. She's really very nice, but I'm glad to not have to talk all day for a while. I've got a tiny cold so talking is not fun when you have a snotty nose and a sore throat! As for the cold, I think I'm on the mend. It's all draining out of my head today so I look like Rudolph but I'm feeling better overall.

How can you feel bad with this weekend ahead of you??? I am so pumped about the events ahead that I can hardly contain myself. Cold or no cold, I'm going to have a fantastic weekend! Tonight I am spending the evening with some of my favorite homies enjoying laughter, desserts, and the infamous Wii games. Not only that, but my dear sweet friend Anna is in from Alabama and I'm so excited to hang with her!

Tomorrow is my college alma mater's homecoming festivities. I love going back to college. I need to get out all my purple Bearcat gear. We'll go in the morning to watch the parade, eat at my favorite Italian place for lunch (or dinner), and then go to the game in the afternoon. It's kinda like going home seeing all my college friends and teachers. Oh, Ry just told me yesterday that my Bearcat men's basketball team is ranked 6th in the nation for preseason rankings! Wow! I absolutely cannot wait until basketball season.

On Sunday I have church (yay!) and then Sunday night I think I'm going to a movie with my friend's Ryan and Anna. We are going to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Anyone seen it yet?

I get Monday off work for dear, darling, old Columbus. Thank you Columbus for not discovering America and letting me get a paid day off work. :) I have to go to the dentist. Boo.

I'm going to have the camera out this weekend so those of you in my path- beware! You might make an appearance on my blog!

In running/fitness news, my pulled groin feels super fantastic right now and I haven't done anything all week. I guess that's probably why it feels good. :) I have the Kansas City half marathon in 8 days and the San Antonio full marathon in 37 days. I've made a mental plan on how to get through these races, and I think it will be a run/walk strategy. I'm not going to stress about it anymore because it's just not worth it. I'll give it a shot and if I can't finish, I can't finish. I'm not even going to try to run the whole marathon, like I said, it will be a run/walk type race for me. It is going to be my worst time E-V-E-R, but such is life. I'll still get the medal if I finish!

Anyways, back to faith. I've been thinking of this a lot lately. (If religious talk bothers you, please just skip this paragraph.) We all need to have a little more faith in our Lord. Yes, the economy is tanking. Has this happened before? Yes. Things are going to get tight and we are going to have a new "normal" for a while but the Lord is going to continue to provide for us. Our lifestyles will change but we will now appreciate what we have. We will have food on our table. Our Lord is gracious. We need to have faith. Just reach out and leap...

Lastly- this is a message to Hao. Hao, if you're reading this...I can't find you on Facebook and I can't get on Xanga here. If you give me you're email address I'll shoot you an email and tell you how to find me. I'm so glad to hear from you again! I have missed hearing your fantastic race stories and pictures! You are my version of a superhero for all the ultras you do!

TODAY I LOVE: having makeup to cover up my red nose and lunch with my friend Misty

SONG OF THE DAY: "Sky is Falling" by Lifehouse

CURRENTLY READING: "Glass" by Ellen Hopkins


jmgw said...

I missed not being able to have lunch today!!! Definitely next week!!!

Willie said...

How could things not get better when there are upbeat people like you in the world? Thanks for the lift and good luck with your training and the KC half!

JenZen said...

Yeah - so glad the mean ole groin injury has gone. Ohh - good luck for the half!! Hope it's a great run for you. I'm with you - not even gonna stress about San Antonio. I'm just going out to have fun and finish it - walk or not. Even with you run/walking it you're gonna have to wait on me to cross the finish line. Ha. Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather!