Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Posted by Sarah

Today I think I am going to talk about my friend Alexis. I got a birthday card in the mail from her yesterday and it just made me miss her like crazy all over again.

Have you ever lucked into finding someone that is like your twin? Someone that can complete your thoughts because they are thinking them too? Someone that has the attributes that you wish you had too? Well, Lex was that for me. It was by complete luck that I stumbled into finding her. Last year we both came to the first meeting of the Bass Pro running group and by fate, we both ran at the same pace so we stuck together for those 9 miles. We didn't ever run apart after that. I don't think we stopped chatting for the entire 9 miles! If you know me, that totally doesn't surprise you. I think Lex can out-talk me.

I was with her more than my husband. Seriously! We met every morning at 5am to run, and then every Saturday for a long run. She was the person who started my day. I know you probably won't believe me, but she was totally peppy and happy at 5am. She started my day off with a smile. I could tell her EVERYTHING and she was my blessing. Then she moved to Arizona in June.

It's like a weird sort of mourning. I miss our talks every morning. I miss looking forward to seeing her and sharing the excitement of races. She made me more outgoing and for that I am thankful. I wish she were here now. She would somehow know how to get me through the funk of injury and I could get her through the struggle of finding time to run.

Not to be melancholy, but I miss her. Reading her card last night made me sad all over again. It's kind of like losing an arm or a leg. Love you, Lexi girl.

Couple items of business to attend to...GOOD LUCK ADDIE IN THE CHICAGO MARATHON THIS WEEKEND!!!! I don't know when you'll stop checking your computer, so I wanted to get this up early. Girl, you better call me when you cross that finish line!!!!

TODAY I LOVE: herbal orange tea with honey and my kids, Callie-Cat and George Carlos

SONG OF THE DAY: "Broken" by Lifehouse

CURRENTLY READING: "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris


jmgw said...

One of my friends is running the Chicago marathon this weekend!!!