Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some Form of Training~ Week No. ?

Posted by Sarah

In one word my birthday was...unique. I adored every minute of it. Actually it was more of a birthday weekend. We had a food day at work for my day and I had more cake than a girl of my stature can ask for! It was amazing. Ry and I tried to go to dinner that night, but it was nutty in my town and we couldn't get in anywhere! We drove thru Chick-Fil-A! It was so funny. I got some great loot for my birthday too! My boss got me a new Adidias running suit (crop pants and zip jacket) that is all black with hot pink stripes. My friend Jessica gave me an awesome Philosophy bag chock full of goodies. My in-laws got me the purse I've been eyeballing in Macy's. It's fabulous! And my honey got me the Under Armour cold gear outfit that I've wanted for two years! I'm all ready to be decked out to run in the winter if I can just get healed.

I went out to run a long run with my group on Saturday morning. I got up early, went to meet my crew, and started the run. Exactly one mile into it I had the most excruciating pains and had to turn around and go back. Yep. I got up at 5am to run two whopping miles. I was pretty depressed about it. I spoke to a physical therapist at my church this morning to see if he had ANY other ideas of things I could do to make the groin pull heal faster. He said to take yet another week off from running, but to exclusively train hard on the bike and running in the pool. He said based on the fact that I can do many of the stretches with no pain that I am healing really well, but I'm just not all the way there yet. He again reiterated just how long it takes to heal a groin injury. So, I guess I will spend many hours on the bike and try to get into the pool. Hmmmm, do they let you do anything but swim laps in the pool at the Y? Guess I'll have to figure that out. Or just try to swim. Ha! That would be entertaining. Anyway, I'm going to be positive about this. I'm going to keep training on the things that I can do, extra hard, and hope that it gives me the endurance to suffer through a marathon in 5 weeks.

As a last thing today, I just have to say that God is so good. He puts the right people in your life at just the right time. I have got to be the most blessed girl in the world for her friends. Honestly, a lot of the people I called my dear friends in high school don't really like me anymore because they feel I made a choice, and that I chose wrong. That's why I so rarely go home. I'm not a confrontational person and cower at the thought of being embarrassed or made fun of. But God is so good because just about the time I get depressed that I have no ties, he places people in my life. I have a tight group of friends from church that are such blessings to both me and Ryan. Everyday I grow closer to these people and everyday I'm more thankful for what I have. God is good.

GOOD LUCK WILLIE IN THE SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL MARATHON!!! I can't wait to hear the race report!!!


TODAY I LOVE: friends who love me no matter what


Evan's Mom said...

I love ya girl and you did not make a wrong choice in High School, they did. It's their loss. They've missed out on these last 9 years of knowning an awesome lady who is giving, talented, and loving.

Willie said...

Hey just tell the Y people you are swimming.... very, very slowly.

There you go again being positive all the time! Who wouldn't love you for goodness sakes.

Thanks for the shout-out! I'll have the report up in a minute still trying to recover a bit. You know, hamburgers, ice cream, etc... All the good post-marathon recovery food.

hao said...

hey sarah,

this is blazinblades. aqua jogging is a very effective way to train for endurance. you can do long runs, tempo runs all through aqua jogging without having to kick your joints. i know it's frustrating dealing with injuries, but if you can stick to your training via alternative methods like aqua jogging or elliptical machine, you should be able to get in better shape or at least not lose any stamina. when you do resume training, you'll become a tougher runner as well because of the mental toughness to continue training during your injury. my coach told me before that it's easy to train when things are going well, but what makes better/tougher runners are how you deal with adversities while injured. :) sounds like you are doing great, too. so keep up the great work!



ps, look me up on facebook. hao liu, college is ucsd. it's easier to stay in touch that way. hope all is well.