Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live Like You're Dying

Posted by Sarah

So last night Ryan and I are snuggled down in our bed, trying to stay warm, and relishing the silence of the day. Silence? Where are the cats? We both start to wonder this about the same time. Usually at bed time they are running around chasing each other. Ryan decided he would get up and check on them. I stay snuggled in bed and hear "Sarah, get in here!" I quickly get up and run into the kitchen to notice the door connecting the kitchen to the garage is wide open. Yes my friends, the cats have escaped to the garage. I run back into my closet and put on the closest pair of shoes and head back out to the garage to corral the kitties. As I'm running out the door to the garage, Ryan yells, "I don't know how this could have happened...I locked the door."

Ryan grabs Callie and I throw her back in the house and then shut the door to keep her from coming back out to the garage. Ryan and I continue to look around for George. We find him, and he is running away from us because he knows he is in deep trouble for being "outside". Ryan goes back to get in the house to get George's jingle ball and says "Oh no." At this point in the story let me just interject a few pieces of information. We just had a big cold front come through Springfield. It was 30 degrees outside. That being said, it was pretty chilly and drafty in our garage. Secondly, I'm standing in the garage in my crazy Christmas cat pajamas, a Cubs t-shirt, a pair of hot pink Croc shoes, and wet hair (because I just got out of the shower), and Ryan is in his underwear, a t-shirt, and a pair of knee high socks. Ok, back to the story- you guessed it. We're locked out of our house. Ryan had indeed locked the door but hadn't gotten it shut all the way before we went to bed. I, however, was successful in shutting the door completely when I put Callie back in the house. We are stuck in the garage in various states of undress, it's cold, we have no keys to ANYTHING (house or car), no phone because they are all in the house, and with a scared kitty cat.

Obviously since I am writing this right now we managed to get out of our garage. We couldn't drive anywhere, we couldn't go to our neighbors at 10pm at night in our underwear. We spent 40 minutes rummaging through everything to find something that could break into our house. I used wire cutters and manipulated a fly swatter, but it didn't work. Ryan was eventually successful with a screwdriver.

It was an interesting evening.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Live Like You're Dying" by Lenka


Evan's Mom said...

And you said your life was boring! LOL I'm glad you guys got inside. What a great story!

Hope you have a great day! :-)


P.S. Evan is getting is top front teeth! He's such a cutie!

Rachel said...

Oh my, after I know you guys got inside (and didn't have to brave the cold in your undies) this story is just what I needed - laughing makes everything better :)

anastasia said...

what a night! i hope you both didn't yell at each other because someone did something (he locked the door, you closed it). glad that you both found a way to get back inside!

anastasia said...

oh yeah...i forgot to ask you. can you still read the rss feeds on people's xanga who has that on and also has a xanga/friends lock? i'm just curious...i'll still keep mine on for you, but want to put a xanga lock - not the friends lock one. just want to keep all these search bots out of my xanga blog. i just don't want to "lock" you out in case you can't read my blog if someone has a xanga/friends lock on. thanks!

jmgw said...

I am picturing Ryan in underwear and knee socks!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

JenZen said...

OMG - I totally busted laughing out loud at your post!!! I can't believe you guys managed to break back into your house!!!! That's just hilarious. (although I'm sure not at the time...)