Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tonight Tonight

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 45 minute program on stationary bike- COMPLETED
6:00am- intense lower body stretching- COMPLETED
6:20am- abdominal work- COMPLETED

Everything feels good. Happy Sarah. Day 3 of the Sarah Challenge is successful! I was really very tired this morning and had to push myself to get up. I did it!

I was watching old episodes of The Newlywed Game the other night. That show was so funny! It makes me laugh, but it got me thinking about questions. We should play! Like the, Get-To-Know-You Game! First question:

What is something that you do every day, no matter what?

Now, don't say eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, or brushing your teeth. I hope you do those things everyday anyway! For me, the answer would be washing my face. I do it everyday, no matter what, twice a day. In my opinion there is no better feeling than at the end of the day scrubbing your makeup off and having a fresh face. It doesn't matter how late or how early I go to bed, no matter what time I get home- I will be washing my face. I think my answer could also be chewing gum. I pretty much chew at least one piece of gum everyday, but I can't swear to it.

If you're up for playing, let us know your answer!

TODAY I LOVE: my dear friend Anna and her sweet encouraging cards she sent me

SONG OF THE DAY: "Tonight Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins


jmgw said...

hmmmm...Something I do everyday??? Does changing multiple diapers count??? I also put makeup on everyday. It doesn't matter if I am staying home all day, going to the store as my only outing...I always have my face done.

Rachel said...

Hugs - always always always hug my Riley, no matter what (and since I've never spent more than 24hrs away - I have never had to do without it - is that weird?)

Willie said...

What a great idea!

I suppose answers like, Make stupid mistakes, worry constantly about my kids, and be a selfish bastard don't count because those just happen, I don't really "do" them.

I laugh everday. I also try to make someone else laugh everyday. I just really love humor and never pass up a good joke, most of the time it just happens. I'm blest with a comical life.