Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Day

Posted by Sarah

If you haven't already read it on my Facebook, I got the job. :) Happy days have come again! It is a good thing. They offered the position to me yesterday and I accepted. Once they told the other applicants I was able to outwardly be ecstatic. I will now be a credit analyst, no longer a loan assistant. This is quite a step-up for me! I've been wanting this for a long time and now it is in my grasp. I don't think I slept a wink last night. It was like that kid in the Disney commercial, "I'm to excited to sleep!" That was me. I'm kinda draggy today because of it, but I'm all glowing because of the good news.

Ry and I are supposed to go to Silver Dollar City tonight and use our free passes. I'm really very excited about that. I hope we still get to go. Ry hasn't felt very well the last couple of days with a head cold. I'll be so sad if we have to stay home because there won't be any more time for us to go because everyday is full until Christmas. It would be the best celebration with lights, wassail, and taffy! I haven't had any taffy yet this year! Anyway, I need to calm down in case we don't get to go.

The rest of this weekend is NUTS! Tomorrow we're going to Warrensburg, MO to watch my future sister-in-law graduate college and to see my brother-in-law Brock. This will be the only time we see them before Christmas. Then we are immediately heading south to Pittsburg, KS to watch my Bearcats take on Pittsburg State University. Go 'Cats! On Sunday we have church, then some lovely ladies are preparing us lunch, then I have a jewelery party at my lovely friend Laura's house, and then our pastor and their family are taking us our for Christmas. Whew- nuts.

Have a great weekend, my friends!!

TODAY I LOVE: wassail and taffy! (maybe)

SONG OF THE DAY: "Happy Day" by Fee


Rachel said...

Hip Hip Horray!!!! I'm so excited for you!

Willie said...

congrats! I used to live in Warrensburg! Lived there for many years, great place! Try Perry Foster's BBQ it's wonderful.

I'm so happy for you about the job. You will make a great credit analyst. Can I have a loan???