Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thank You For Not Moshing

Posted by Sarah

I worked out today! My unofficial trainer can be proud of me. :) I did the Sarah version of Tone to the Max at my house this morning. It was a great workout. I think I could be a personal trainer. I'll probably be sore later. Yes!

I hope, hope, hope to have news today about the job. I hope it is good news. The suspense is killing me...

My Bearcats play Southeastern Oklahoma State tonight. It should be a good game. Now, my guys should dominate if they play like they are capable. It will be awesome. My good friend Amanda is coming with Ry and I to the game. She better have her vocal chords ready to scream! I need to try to remember to pick up a new SBU coffee cup while I'm up there tonight. I adore my coffee mug but it is looking a wee bit nasty and I can't drink out of a wee bit nasty cup. I think the coffee over the years is staining the inside of the white cup.

TODAY I LOVE: the color purple and creating playlists on my iPod

SONG OF THE DAY: "Thank You For Not Moshing" by Reel Big Fish


JenZen said...

Great job on the workout!! FINGERS totally crossed for you on the job!!!!!!!!!!!!